A Medieval Banquet at Castillo San Miguel, Tenerife

When we arrive at Castillo de San Miguel we are greeted by Count Don Rodrigo, his daughter and the knights on horseback.

The 6,000 square metre castle is made of Canarian stone and its main towers are over 16 metres high. We make our way inside where we are given gowns in the colour of our knight, the purple knight, and paper crowns before being shown to our seats in the banquet hall.

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The show begins and we enjoy soup, a whole chicken each and wine from silver goblets while we watch the knights battle to the death.

Tournaments began as a training ground for knights however by the end of the medieval age they had become a great form of medieval entertainment and were a enjoyed by both commoners and nobles. A noble would sponsor the tournament and supply the purse for the prizes. In this case it is Count Don Rodrigo and his daughter who have sponsored the tournament and they watch from the galleries above the arena. We are watching from the benches that would have been erected for the village people.

The knights ride on horseback while completing skill tasks during the games before sword fighting and jousting. At one point a fire-eater joins them in the arena. Our knight puts up a worthy battle but is eventually defeated and the Black Knight becomes the champion.



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A Medieval Banquet at Castillo San Miguel, Tenerife

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