El Albaicín, the Moorish Quarter of Granada

El Albaicín is the old, Moorish quarter of the city of Granada, located to the north of the Darro river. It is found on the hill facing the Alhambra, where the Zirid monarchs first established their court in the eleventh century, although little of this era remains today.

Some say that the name means ‘quarter of the falconers’, but most historians prefer ‘quarter of the people of Baeza’. When the Moors were driven out of the city of Baeza by the Christians in the 13th century, they fled to Granada and settled on the northern part of the hill. Most of what we call Albaicín now was actually Alcazaba, the Moorish cidatel.

With its strong Muslim influence, narrow streets and quaint shops selling Morrocan and Middle-Eastern souvenirs and products, Albaicín is a beautiful place for a stroll on a sunny day or for dinner with views of the Alhambra at night.



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El Albaicín, the Moorish Quarter of Granada

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