Fudo-dō, Koyasān’s Oldest Building

Fudo-dō, the hall dedicated to Fudō Myō-e (Acala), was first built around 1198 and then rebuilt in the late Kamakura period. It is uniquely constructed combining features of the Heian aristocratic residential architecture with temple architecture and is now a National Treasure. It is the oldest building in Kōyasan and has escaped the many fires that have ravaged the area.

Originally, it was built in a different location within Kōyasan. It was dismantled and moved to the present site in 1908 and once again dismantled and refurbished in 1996.

According to a statement made by Princess Hachijō in 1197, the temple was built by Bishop Gyōshō, however neither the founder nor the exact date of its construction are really known.



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Fudo-dō, Koyasān’s Oldest Building

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