WaterWorld: A Live Sea Spectacular, Universal Studios, Los Angeles

WaterWorld: A Live Sea Spectacular original attraction opened at the same time as the 1995 film. Now it is Universal Studios number one rated show. The set cost 15 million dollars and features the tower that was used by Gregor in the film.

Helen has found dry land, but she has been followed by the smokers. She races to the tower to defend the atoll from attack but a smoker bursts out of the water on a jet ski. Seconds later another smoker on a jet ski, pulling a water-skier, breaks through the metal wall and is propelled almost ten metres through the air before landing on the water. The jet ski soaks the audience and a hail of machine gun fire causes Helen to throw herself into the water below. The smokers signal for Deacon, who arrives on his boat, spraying the audience with bullets from his Gaitling guns. At the climax of the scene a seaplane crashes through the wall, skids across the water and stops less than ten metres from the audience.

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Deacon is defeated in a fight high up on the tower; he is set on fire and falls into the water below. The fuel tank has been damaged and as Deacon’s burning body falls past it it bursts into flames, causing all of the spilled fuel to ignite, which sparks further explosions across the set. The explosions destroy the atoll, but give Helen and the mariner a chance to escape.


After the incredible, hair-raising show we meet the cast; Gary Kasper (Criminal Minds, Unaccompanied Miners and Scare Tactics), Simon Potter (the Amazing Spiderman, Dexter and Revenge), Michelle Rose (The Expendables, All My Children and CSI: NY), Dan Masy (Spiderman 4, Battleship and In Time), Rick Willimson (Reno 911, CSI and The Conan Show) and Nathan Hendrick (Deadliest Warrior, CSI: NY and I Love You, Man).

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WaterWorld: A Live Sea Spectacular, Universal Studios, Los Angeles

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