Isla Lobos – Sea Lion Island in the Galápagos

Isla Lobos is a small island separated from San Cristóbal by a narrow arm of sea water. The island lives up to its name and is completely covered by sea lions.

When on land sea lions congregate into harems, made up of a group of females and pups with one dominant male, or in bachelor colonies. In harems the dominant male (or bull) will spend most of his day patrolling the waters along his territory, rearing his head out of the water and barking, to protecting his territory from other bulls. He will only hold his territory for a few months before being challenged by another bull. As he cannot feed while defending his colony, he will eventually become weak and tired, allowing a younger, well nourished bull to overpower him.




Isla Lobos – Sea Lion Island in the Galápagos

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