Las Paylas, a Natural Rock Slide in Puerto Rico

Las Paylas is a natural rock slide in Luquillo, northeastern Puerto Rico. Over many years the rivers have smoothened the rocks, turning them into a natural playground complete with slides and pools. These rock slides, or chorreras, are very popular with the locals.

The rock slide can be accessed through a private residence and the owner allows visitors to use his parking area for a fee of $5.00. Being a natural rock slide, this activity can be dangerous – the rocks are slippery, there is no lifeguard and visitors should be careful.

From the ‘finca privada’ a rough path leads down towards the river. The slide is accessed by wading across the river and climbing up the rocks to the left (for best grip wear only socks). Slowly manoeuvre yourself so that you are sitting on the top of the slide – hold on or the water will push you down before you are ready!

Once you are sitting at the top of the rock slide cross your legs, cross your left arm over your chest and put your right hand  by your side, while maintaining a sitting position – this should help you to maintain balance and prevent you from spinning around or tipping over.

From our experience we found that even following all these tips we still toppled down the slide in a less than graceful manner and lighter people tend to spin around more. A few bruises here and there are almost to be expected but the experience was exhilarating.

Las Paylas (also known as Las Pailas) can be visited as part of the Bespoke Concierge Rainforest Hiking Tour, which we recommend as the guide will be able to advise visitors on how to access and use the rock slide.

This ‘attraction’ is not suitable for young children and we do not recommend visiting it alone. The rock slide should not be used in heavy rain and there is a risk of flash flooding in the area.

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Las Paylas, a Natural Rock Slide in Puerto Rico

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