The East Coast of Tenerife

The small coastal village of Poris de Abona was once an important fishing village. Just past the village the road turns into a dirt track and leads to a lighthouse at Punta de Abona. Below the lighthouse volcanic rock pools, protected from the wind by the surrounding cliffs, create a great fishing spot for locals.


Nearby is what appears to be a deserted village. In fact, this abandoned town (built on the grounds of a 1900s leprosy station) was used by General Franco’s army to exercise street fighting. Initially there were only a few houses but more houses and a church were built to make the village look more ‘real’.


Further south is the town of El Médano, where the largest natural beach in Tenerife can be found. As one of the world’s best kite-surf locations, El Médano has been the location of many competitions, including the world championships. A boardwalk leads along the beach, lined with small surf shops and surf schools. Within the town is a selection of cafeterias and restaurants.

At the south end of the beach the sandy mound of Montaña Roja can be seen. The 166 hectare nature reserve in the distance is a volcanic crater that has been almost flattened by sea erosion.




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The East Coast of Tenerife

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